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Eileen Myles is a poet with 22 books and is a member of @1000people1000 trees and East River Park Action all opposing the ESCR plan.

Sunnylyn Thibodeaux’s The World Exactly

The World Exactly by Sunnylyn Thibodeaux is one of the finest collections of poetry by a San Francisco poet published in years. Here is the mysterious concision of daily life in a poetry that is decidedly philosophical, yet devoid of the bamboozling rhetoric.


John Keene is the author, co-author & translator of a handful of books, including the poetry collection Punks: New and Selected Poems (The Song Cave, 2021) and the fiction collection Counternarratives (New Directions, 2016). His awards include a 2018 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship. He teaches and serves as a department chair at Rutgers University-Newark.

“I translate the names of boys killed in Gaza”

Ghinwa Jawhari is the author of the chapbook BINT (Radix Media 2021), winner of the inaugural Own Voices Chapbook Prize. She is a 2021 Margins Fellow at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop and founder of the Koukash Review. Find her poetry, essays, and fiction in Mizna, Catapult, SPEAK, Narrative, The Margins, and elsewhere.


Rae Armantrout is the author of fifteen books of poems, including Conjure, a finalist for the PEN/Voelcker award, (Wesleyan, 2020), Wobble (2018), a finalist for the National Book Award, and Versed (2009) which won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award in 2010. A new book, Finalists, is coming out from Wesleyan in March of 2022.


Steve Levine is a poet and a navigator of the space-time continuum, where he has roamed since 1953. His writing is primarily collected in A Blue Tongue, Three Numbers, and Pure Notations (The Toothpaste Press) and The Cycles of Heaven and To and For (Coffee House Press), as well as various magazines. Recently, Levine has been thinking about the innate human desire to impose order on chaos, something he has only ever been able to achieve in a poem.

New Jars

Zach Wollard b.1974 lives in Brooklyn NY and Bradford, Vt. He spends most of his time pushing color around canvases (More info @skazerflames on Instagram).

Cliff Fyman’s Taxi Night

In the late spring of 2021, as life in the United States was sputtering back to life after the pandemic, Cliff Fyman’s Taxi Night was a vivid reminder of the way the talk had been going full throttle before everything came to a crashing halt.

“A running leap at the song”

Treasure is remarkable in the way that Nguyen’s unique poetics of mostly short lines and fragmentary images scattered across the page with rhythmic ease opens into a mosaic of narratives that move between her own life, her mother’s, and mythic realms where the dislodged ghosts of unrealized futures and cultural pasts speak and insist their presence.

Returning: Hank Lazer’s field recordings   of mind   in morning

Hank Lazer’s remarkable new poetry collection, field recordings of mind in morning, is a sequence of chants rung upon the constants and the changes of his returns to a place that offers solace and restoration.


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