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Colonial Waterscapes: The Water Issue in Puerto Rico

To fully grasp the current state, and the issue of water in general, we need to ponder the history of the waterscape in Puerto Rico and the changing social circumstances that have influenced its making, without losing sight of the role that both capitalism and colonialism have played in this process.

Río y Respiro (River and Breath)

Through a performance action, ephemeral installation, and production of a homonymous documentary video, Dhara Rivera proposes a conversation about the current state of the bodies of water that flow across the island.

The Rain Gardens Project

The Institute for Socio-Ecological Research documents the collaborative work of rain gardens in Ponce.

We Can Clean Water with Our Earth

Agroceramicist Amara Abdal Figueroa writes on how locally sourced clay can be used to create natural water filtration systems.

¿Jácana, dónde estás?

Poemas de Amara Abdal Figueroa.

Recollections on the Cartography of the Caribbean Coast

By studying the indigenous and alien species found along the water, botanist and architect Steve Maldonado Silvestrini builds a picture of an ever-changing coastline.


Artist, writer, and naturalist Javier A. Román-Nieves on the struggle to preserve one of the last undeveloped stretches of coastline on the island.

Las Playas Son Nuestras (The Beaches Are Ours)

Experimental dance pioneer Viveca Vázquez directs a performance on the beaches of Vieques and Piñones, highlighting the coastline as a site of contention.

Subtropical Dry*

Poems by Nicole Cecilia Delgado

Black Beach/Horse/Camp/The Dead/Forces

A 2016 film by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz addresses the contamination of Vieques.

Caño Martín Peña: A Case Study in Community Action

To the Rescue of an Estuarine Ecosystem

Fuerzas Sutiles (Subtle Forces)

nibia pastrana santiago’s large-scale choreographic event took place in 2017 inside a hangar at the Isla Grande Airport with the airstrip and San Bay serving as a dynamic backdrop.

Barrio Vietnam

Photographer Chris Gregory-Rivera surveys a waterfront neighborhood whose original residents are being pushed out by evictions.

Nothing Exists in a Void

Curator Michy Marxuach searches for another type of governance that isn't anthropocentric.


Anayra Santory Jorge on water that can’t be seen, water that is always there, and the water that we come out of

Las Salinas of Cabo Rojo

Aerial photos taken on July 19, 2019 by Anexis Morales

Ecological Calendar

by Para la Naturaleza

Selected Bibliography

by Monique A. Lorenzo Pérez


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