Community Screening: MUSICTOPIA

Directed by Jose Espínola


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Join us for a special holiday screening exclusive preview of MUSICTOPIA by Jose Espínola

A poster of [Musictopia].

MUSICTOPIA explores the origin of sound, how music acts as a mirror to society, and how electronic music predicts the future in culture, instilling profound emotional and behavioral change in its listeners. Nine years in the making, the film assembles 50 avant-garde artists from around the world to talk and perform, reflecting on what it means to be an artist and the challenges encountered in the digital age.

Through the eyes of musicians, Jose Espínola documents the challenges the creative industry is facing today.  How has technology changed the way we create and consume music? How can the artist escape commoditization and survive this lack of permanence?

With the advent of digital distribution, it seems everyone is a producer, but not a music consumer. Where the more that is supplied, the less value it has.

MUSICTOPIA is not a film based on a single character or geographical context. Rather a globalize artistic approach, the arc is within the story, where 50 voices converge in a single one, away from the ego of a single cosmovision. The story is created by the many, in-depth conversations and live performances of artists such as Juan Atkins, Alva Noto, Nils Frahm, Kelly Moran, Caterina Barbieri, Phanta Du Prince, The Orb, Air, Matmos, Kelly Lee Owens, Kode9, among many others.

Please note: This film is a work in progress and this screening is an exclusive preview for people and the industry who may be interested in the subject. Further edits will be made across the film’s script, animation, sound design, image post-production and motion graphics.

Once you register you’ll receive an email on Monday, July 4 with a link and password that will grant you 1 day of access to the film.

Jose Espínola is the founder of Brutal Inc, a multidisciplinary audio-visual studio, where he creates both personal pieces and projects for brands, publishing houses, and publications, with his in-house collaborators who are visual artists, designers, and musicians. He has directed several documentaries and music videos for artists including Camila Fuchs, A-Trak, Jamie Lidell, Helado Negro, Philip Glass & James Turell, Kashmir, Health, Zola Jesús, and Au Revoir Simone. In 2015 his first short documentary film, Corazon, based on the life of New York artist Camille Corazon, was released.

José looks for stories in places where it seems that none are to be found. His work documents and establishes connections between his characters and their environments with a captivating empathy that allows him to seek out instances of public intimacy and delve into the realm of privacy.

Directed by Jose Espínola, @jose_spinola

Production co: @brutal_inc

Distribution: @​aspectratiofilms

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