Radical Poetry Reading with Shiv Kotecha

Featuring Kotecha, Jackie Ess, Josef Kaplan, Momtaza Mehri, and Violet Spurlock


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Shiv Kotecha curates the 80th Radical Poetry Reading featuring poetry read by Jackie Ess, Josef Kaplan, Momtaza Mehri, and Violet Spurlock.

In this talk

Shiv Kotecha

Photo of Shiv Kotecha
Based in New York, Shiv Kotecha writes across genre. The Switch (Wonder, 2018) makes a case for friendship over love using fiction and verse. His book EXTRIGUE novelizes Billy Wilder’s noir Double Indemnity shot-by-shot. He writes about art, film, and underwear for publications like 4Columns, BOMB, Gayletter, and frieze, where he is a contributing editor.

Jackie Ess

Jackie Ess
Novelist Jackie Ess is the author of Darryl (Clash, 2021), which is her first book, of hopefully many. That‘s the main thing you ought to know about her for now.

Josef Kaplan

A photo of [Josef Kaplan] with bright lights on the wall around him.
Poet Josef Kaplan is the author of Loser, just out from Make Now Books. His other books include Poem Without Suffering; All Nightmare: Introductions, 2011-2012; Kill List; and Democracy Is Not for the People. He lives in Philadelphia.

Momtaza Mehri

A photo of [Momtaza Mehri] in a patterned blazer and headscarf, arms crossed, against horizontal wood background.
Poet Momtaza Mehri is also an essayist and independent researcher suffering from a fixation with translation, transitory states, and transnationalisms. Her latest pamphlet, Doing the Most with the Least, was published by Goldsmiths Press.

Violet Spurlock

Black and white photo of [Violet Spurlock] among bushes holding a Berkeley Bowl shopping bag.
Poet Violet Spurlock is the author of Alloyed Bliss (Eyelet, 2021) and VS VS VS (GaussPDF, 2021). In addition to writing poetry, she also facilitates a writing group for trans authors and is currently at work on a novel.

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