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Operation New Patrons

For the Sandler Essay in our summer issue, I offer my translation of a writing by François Hers, an artist and the founder of Les Nouveaux Commanditaires, in English, New Patrons, a program of community-driven artistic production.

Art In Conversation

Frank Bowling with Alex Bacon

British painter Frank Bowling conversed with Alex Bacon via email on the occasion of a traveling exhibition exploring his time working in New York in the 1960s and ’70s. During this tumultuous, innovative, and exciting period Bowling explored new techniques and motifs in his painting while also honing his skills as an incisive writer about issues relating to abstract painting and race, and as a curator advancing the positions of artists of color.

Art In Conversation

Virginia Jaramillo with Erin Dziedzic

Virginia Jaramillo has a longstanding connection to Kansas City, Missouri. In 1975, her work was displayed at the Douglas Drake Gallery in Kansas City as part of the group exhibition Less is More. This exhibition generated momentum and interest in her work, resulting in acquisitions by various institutional and private collections in the area, including Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2019, curator Erin Dziedzic and Jaramillo met for the first time.

Art In Conversation

Sung Tieu with Amelia Saul

In 2023, Berlin-based artist Sung Tieu opened two shows along the Eastern Seaboard. Infra-Specter, currently on view at the Amant, Brooklyn, and Civic Floor, at the MIT List Center. Deftly interweaving sculpture, installation, sound, and video, Tieu’s work exists equally in the interpretation of facts, testing of realities, discovery of obfuscations, and awareness of social control.

Art In Conversation

Oscar yi Hou with Andrew Woolbright

In Oscar’s portraiture, the experience is encrypted, withheld, intimate, kept private between the artist and the subject. It is elusive when it needs to be, inviting when it needs to be. It is a language of survival that Oscar has developed to mine and understand his own labor, and reflect the visage of the spectator back at them through mirrors. It holds an account, while finding moments of ceremony for communities and people that need it—deserve it.

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Readers,

The recent news of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner forces (a mercenary army that had played an outsized role in the fighting in Ukraine) accusing Russia’s military leadership of attacking and killing his own soldiers has raised eyebrows all over the world. Especially when Prigozhin commanded his forces to return to their bases, and then to begin making their way toward Moscow.

Editor's Message

Let’s Keep in Touch

Having long been married to a painter, I am aware that for most artists, making art is a solitary activity. Every day, my wife goes to her studio to create, to think, and to be her own critic. Except for the days that she has to teach, she is loyal and looks forward to being in her space.


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