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Art In Conversation

Derrick Adams with Amanda Gluibizzi

Derrick Adams’s new show at The FLAG Art Foundation, I Can Show You Better than I Can Tell You, is a tribute to the artist’s commitment to color, pattern, and the conditions that make up everyday moments of Black life in America: an expressive melding of form and content.

Art In Conversation

Leidy Churchman with Louis Block

In the lead up to Churchman’s first show of monotypes at Matthew Marks, I visited their studio in Tribeca. Surrounded by paintings in progress, notably a giant diagram of a black hole, we sat down for an interview.

Art In Conversation

Ishmael Reed with Bob Holman

Though it may be difficult to edge in a question during Ish’s mammoth intellect spew, his non-stop provocateurship, one thing’s for sure—what we’re living through now he wrote about back in the sixties, which means that what he’s theorizing about now we can look forward to actually happening in another fifty years.

Art In Conversation

Tammy Nguyen with Megan N. Liberty

Nguyen transforms her research into glittering lacquered paper paintings, collages, and artists’ books.

Portrait of a Room

For almost sixty years Jordan Belson lived in the same charming corner of San Francisco, the bohemian enclave known as North Beach, named after the region of Italy from where the locals emigrated—the Gulf of Trieste. Rents were cheap and neighbors tolerant.

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Readers

Many of us may still remember how the great Athenian statesman Pericles proposed to melt the gold from the statue of Athena, patron goddess of the city, when the war against Sparta was exhausting all of Athens’s funds. Which leads us to think about how a symbol can elicit such strong emotional responses from the nation’s citizens when it is at the risk of being desecrated.

Editor's Message

The Potential Worldings of the Kitbash

The artist and critic Jesse Murry described “a breath that makes possible another breath.” How can our movements allow for other movements? As artists, how can our practices extend space for others as much as it asks for space; and give language and poetry to others as much as it asks for those things. I’ve been told I wear many hats, and I want to address the why of it for the first time, while also bringing together a small vibrancy of others who share in strange navigations and similar obligations with me.

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