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Helga Paris’s Women at Work

For Paris, politics was secondary to her love for everyday people. Much like her sitters, Paris earned her daily bread and socialized at East Berlin beer halls, recognizing herself in the anonymous masses that became her muse.

Gabrielle Civil’s the déjà vu: black dreams & black time

This book is a catalogue of the past, the pandemic present, and a contemplative future. It’s a moving record of the interior life and public performativity of a Black woman in her body.

Listening to Clay

Listening to Clay contextualizes the techniques, cultural attitudes towards, and markets for ceramics in twentieth-century Japan. Fitting for a book with the word ‘listening’ in its title, it has far more words than images.

LaToya Ruby Frazier’s Flint is Family in Three Acts

Frazier is not interested in dispassionately bearing witness. She set out to record a community taking responsibility for itself after the government charged with doing so failed them.

Lampo Folio

These scores expand the parameters of the format to incorporate visual elements, lengthy texts, and the paper containing the instructions itself, resulting in scores of great sensitivity and imagination. One method of complicating the event score was to imagine enactors of the scores performing simultaneously, though they would be invisible to one another in their isolated spaces.


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