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Notes From Aboveground

Underground music, the stuff at the margins, is vital to the health and longevity of future music. It almost exactly follows the rhythms of human life, with one generation giving birth to and raising the generation that follows and will replace its parents, again and again and again.

This Forsythia Bush

Cedric Burnside, Quetzal, and Courtney Marie Andrews struggle with life, having reached their crossroads. Life, for all three, begins as a feeling that is centered and sculpted not just into consolation, but redemption grounded in direction.

Green Man Festival

Green Man enjoys one of the most scenic settings of all possible festivals, surrounded by low mountains and rising forests, its Mountain Stage lying at the base of a huge natural amphitheater. Normally it rains heavily for half of the four days, but this time the heavens beamed. This was the sunniest Green Man for at least six years.

Wassulu Empress

The art of the music doc has seemed especially strong the last fifteen years or so. Filmmakers in the digital era have access to so many different kinds of source material, and they can sometimes create richer portraits with them.


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2022

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