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Third Horizon Film Festival 2022

Third Horizon Film Festival, in its sixth iteration this year, is a leader in the exhibition and discussion of filmmaking and other works about the Caribbean. The 2022 festival's overarching theme was to uncover film practices probing alternative memory, subjectivities, and non-linear time structures.

Rithy Panh’s Everything Will Be Ok and Irradiés

The latest two films of Cambodia-born filmmaker Rithy Panh, Everything Will Be OK (2022) and Irradiés (2020), are premiering in North America at MoMA, as part of the first-ever retrospective of his 30-year-long career.

P.S. Vinothraj’s Pebbles

The film follows Ganapathy (Karuththadaiyaan) and his son, Velu (Chellapandi), whom he picks up from school and forces to accompany him on a bus to bring back his estranged wife from her mother's place.

Kiro Russo’s El Gran Movimiento

El Gran Movimiento, the narrative focuses on a group of miners from the rural town of Huanini who walk for seven days with the hope of finding a stable source of income in the capital city of La Paz.

Joanna Hogg’s The Souvenir

The film traces the director’s personal artistic journey after coming to terms with an unseeming end to a toxic relationship during her young-adulthood.


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