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JUL-AUG 2022

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JUL-AUG 2022 Issue

Fields of Flame

Fields of Flame

I’m tattered.

The droops
of my eyes
fold clumsy
over the crease
of my powder
blue mask
like old paper
waiting to die.

I look to the east
and the motors
of history
are ticking again—
with the electricity
of dominance.
“Murder is murder,”
says murder.

What neighbors
are neighbors?

A thousand years
of brother-shed.

And ever since
and ever after
our soils
with the heavy iron
of common blood.

Somewhere caught
between the seas
a sack of stolen
potatoes spills out
and no one
has the mettle
to pick them up.

The sky blotted
with a regiment
of bundled flames.

Soon it’ll be time
to plant beetroot

The borschts
we make
are almost as similar
as the tongues we use
to slurp them.

What will we harvest
this year when all we’ve
sown are bombs?


Peter Burzyński

Peter Burzyński works as the book center manager at Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee and is the translator of Martyna Buliżańska’s This Is My Earth (New American Press, 2019) as well as the author of the chapbook A Year Alone inside of Woodland Pattern (Adjunct Press, 2022). He is the son of immigrants who call him on the phone every day.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUL-AUG 2022

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