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Weng Pixin’s Let’s Not Talk Anymore

A spectral tapestry of mothers and daughters, a book of historical memory in the guise of a child’s scrapbook. The connecting thread for these tightly interwoven, intergenerational stories is the invisible labor of sewing, gardening, drawing, and painting.

Erik Kessels and Thomas Sauvin’s Talk Soon

This call-and-response feels like a tribute to the mind’s associative power, as each artist is invited to run through not just their vast archives of photographs but also the images their imagination conjures up in response.

Pacifico Silano’s I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine

A 22-panel accordion book, images of fragmented bodies and reframed scenes ground then disorient us in a past that is elusive yet somehow familiar and within reach. The title references a song by the 1960s girl group the Ronettes, and continues the artist’s exploration of loss, loneliness, theatricality, and queer melancholy.

Debi Cornwall’s Necessary Fictions

The subject of this nuanced photobook is Atropia, a series of fake Iraqi and Afghan villages on military bases around the US where immersive war games are conducted. It’s designed to offer multiple perspectives, both visual and textual, and to offer more questions than answers. What is the psychic toll of these games? And what does their existence say about the US?


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