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Daphne A. Brooks’s Liner Notes for the Revolution

Adored by audiences and critics through the years, Brooks gets behind the pop fandom and the cultural image-making and puts plainly in front of the reader’s gaze how Black women musical artists are, by their very nature, revolutionary cultural figures.


Zulu music exists in multitudes: mbaqanga, maskandi, marabi, kwaito, jazz, isicathamiya (choral), etc. Much of Zulu contributions to music shares a shwabada, a Zulu term that means spiritual lineage.

Language Muddles Music: Sebastián Maria

The thread between structure and consciousness weighs on the mind of Sebastián Maria, the Colombian-American composer, producer, and DJ based in New York City.

Beans and the Avant-Garde in Hip Hop

Coming from White Plains, Beans has been doing things his own way since the mid-’90s. His unique style is multi-dimensional and it’s not the typical boom bap hip hop, it’s an approach that’s his own artistic identity.

Listening In: Keshav Batish, Both/And

Batish celebrates hybridity, while also recognizing its costs.


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