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In Search of Shared Goals

With grace and humility, Dylan Pickus offers insight into the work of a theater administrator and how he and his office-job peers have both served and failed artists in their greatest year of need. Sharing a perspective not often articulated, Dylan gives voice to the privileged positions of theater administrators, and the north stars that guide him.

All the World’s A Couch

Many of us are taking meetings from our couches, but for some, our living room furniture has also become a stage. Julia Giolzetti’s Sofa Shakespeare gives actors of all backgrounds and résumé lengths the opportunity to perform; each volunteer actor provides a minute-long clip from a play, which Giolzetti then gathers and lovingly stitches together to create a full work to share online as free theater.

In Conversation

BRYN HERDRICH with Jeesun Choi

Through anecdotes touching and personal, humorous and insightful, audiences share their stories about money with theatermakers Jeesun Choi and Bryn Herdrich, who then post those anecdotes on their Instagram account Penny Thoughts (@penny_thoughts_2020) alongside painted, bedazzled coins. But the account is but one chapter of the artists’ story: this digital initiative was birthed during the pandemic, which waylaid their live piece about capitalism, migration, and how we define currency.


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MARCH 2021

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