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Maurice Louca and His Texture-Distressed Microtonal Comprovisations

The new solo album by Cairo-dwelling guitarist and composer Maurice Louca makes a radical shift from its predecessor, which featured the specially formed Elephantine ensemble.

Rhythmic Conclave

The name of the band came about because it can be read to mean a gathering, particularly a religious one, or “con clavé.” “’Clavé’ means key, and as an instrument and as a rhythm, the clavé holds all this music together. Through these connections, the ancestors are speaking to you and through you.”

Diary of a Mad Composer

With concerts back after a year and a half of pandemic closures, you'd think I'd be happy, if not ecstatic. Instead, I walk the streets and keep asking myself, "why do we even have classical music in America?"


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NOV 2021

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