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The 59th New York Film Festival

While The Tragedy of Macbeth and Parallel Mothers focus on legacy and inheritance, an interesting trend of the other films is the emphasis on children's perspectives as they learn about the corruption of our world.

The Endless Hunger of Shiva Baby

Food serves as the nourishing spirit of Shiva Baby, a wild, unpredictable, and unnerving ride whose witty dialogue and darkly humorous setting are sorely reminiscent of TV series like Fleabag and BoJack Horseman.

Laura Dern,
“A Woman in Trouble”

David Lynch’s Inland Empire (2006) is perhaps the filmmaker’s most inscrutable film. In a new monograph on the film, Melissa Anderson contextualizes the movie as a simulacrum of the themes both Lynch and actor/star Laura Dern have taken on throughout their careers.


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