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Field Notes

Capitalism and the Climate Apocalypse

With a shrinking window of opportunity for rescue, the world’s near-eight billion people face a horrendous future on an inhospitable planet, while the political leaders and the economic elite of the world’s nations talk the talk but will not, or cannot, walk the walk.

Can the Pandemic Really Change our World?

The pandemic has made starkly visible the impact on health of social and racial inequities, as illustrated now by myriads of reports demonstrating striking differences in COVID-19 incidence rates and mortality by social class and race.

COVID, Arts Funding, and the Gig Economy

One of the groups of workers most suddenly and severely affected by the economic fallout from the public health crisis were those working in the cultural sector, especially in the performing arts. As freelance musicians who have both worked in New York scenes for decades, this included us.

Why Are All Cops Bastards?

ACAB is the rallying cry that proclaims, “All cops are bastards.” As a hashtag, it accompanies more than 2.2 million posts on Instagram.


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