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Puffballs, Storm Clouds, and Goodbyes

At the New York City Ballet Fall Fashion Gala, choreographers Sidra Bell and Andrea Miller produced very different works, each possessing moments of interest, but ultimately falling short on choreographic invention.

Subtle Moments on the Roof

Sperber’s signature minimalism is, at its core, an exploration of friction and weight. The dancers set limbs against torso, fabric against wind, shoes against roof. These experiments produce movement and sound in equal measure.

Pour; When the ice melts, will we drink water?; and Unrelated

Daina Ashbee’s retrospective at Usine C in Montreal, Quebec, included three of her most notable pieces. The choreographer’s bold and visceral practice confronts deep-seated settler colonialism, the traces of trauma within the body, and power of slow movement.


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NOV 2021

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