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Art In Conversation

Sanford Biggers with Yasi Alipour

Yasi Alipour speaks with Sanford Biggers about his exhibitions, Codeswitch and Soft Truths, the history and significance of quilts, and the mythological, biblical, and cinematic references in his works.

Art In Conversation

Enrique Martínez Celaya with Eleanor Heartney

Eleanor Heartney speaks with the artist Enrique Martínez Celaya about his two concurrent exhibitions, the beauty of physics and philosophy, and why all artists should aspire to be prophets.

Art In Conversation

Hilary Harnischfeger with Louis Block

Louis Block speaks with artist Hilary Harnischfeger about materials and process, geology, science fiction, and the influence of the landscape.

Art In Conversation

Tschabalala Self with Natasha Becker

Curator Natasha Becker speaks with Tschabalala Self about her relationship to mythology, discovering her aesthetic language, and how she depicts Blackness throughout her body of work.

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Dear Friends and Readers,

We, fellow Americans, are totally immersed in our process of healing, recovering from the profound social neglect of the forgotten men, women, and children among the middle and working-class communities that led to the creation of Donald J. Trump and his pernicious cohorts.

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To Declare a New World

Few manifestos remain in the public consciousness for long. Fewer still have defined entire eras of art, and all of those were eventually challenged by later treatises. This cycle is one way to understand the history of art.

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