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In Conversation

AUDREY FLACK with Charles Duncan

Beyond her role as a pioneering Photorealist, Audrey Flack has worked extensively in bronze sculpture, reshaping—figuratively and in conception—the treatment of the female body within monumental public commissions. Her recent return to large-scale painting has seen her develop a body of work she refers to as Post Pop Baroque.

In Conversation

GUILLERMO KUITCA with Raphael Rubinstein

Painter Guillermo Kuitca sits down with Raphael Rubinstein to discuss the recent "Family Idiot" paintings, curatorial collaborations with the Cartier Foundation, and the shifting reception of Latin American art in the US.

In Conversation

JAMES PROSEK with Hovey Brock

James Prosek's love affair with trout fishing at age nine has turned into a life-long obsession with the natural world. After consulting with biologists about trout species at age 11, he realized that there was a profound mismatch between the way scientists classified trout and the way trout actually appeared in nature.

In Conversation

XAVIERA SIMMONS with Marcia E. Vetrocq

Resourceful and prolific, Xaveria Simmons makes art that ranges across media—photography, performance, painting, video, sound, sculpture, text—as if there had never been any boundaries between them in the first place.

In Conversation

RICHARD BRETTELL with David Carrier

Richard Brettell studied art history at Yale University, becoming an authority on Impressionism. After a distinguished teaching career, he was appointed Searle Curator of European Painting at the Art Institute of Chicago.

In Conversation

HENRI LOYRETTE with Joachim Pissaro

Museums have to expand and add previously unrepresented visual traditions to the collection. All of them have to contend with increasing numbers of visitors. Henri Loyrette, former director of the Louvre, speaks with the Rail about these challenges.


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