In Memoriam Remembering Tim Rollins

Jim Hodges

“Tim how are you?!” I say as I move in close for a hug.

“I’m blessed!” Tim exclaims as we embrace.

Without exception, never did I run into Tim, no matter what the circumstance, time of day, occasion, weather or year when Tim didn’t acknowledge the blessing he was living.

“I’m blessed!”

These words would rain down on me like confetti. And during those occasions the infectious energy of his belief would awaken my spirit to the blessed reality we shared. Tim’s belief, his insistence on affirming his faith at every occasion was entwined in what we can call his practice. Love generates love and love fused with belief and dedication are ingredients for, “making history.” Tim was a generator of immense invention and generosity. The vastness of his vision growing from faith empowered and manifested creativity in others. Tim affirmed greatness in others, sharing by example and providing a perfect model of an artist in society. He valued life and the lives of others.

I always felt better after seeing Tim. I’m sure everyone who met him walked away with that glow in their hearts too. Choosing to be “blessed” is an action of self-love. In the choosing one becomes a conduit of that love and in its transmission, everyone benefits. This love energy, the main ingredient in art, expands beyond our lives.

Bless you Tim.

Thank you for your enthusiastic embrace of this life and for showing us all how it’s done!! You were beyond amazing, beyond beautiful, you were truly blessed!!


Jim Hodges

Jim Hodges is an artist.