In Memoriam Remembering Tim Rollins

Andres Serrano

I met Tim the night I met Julie Ault in a downtown dance club called Tier 3 in 1980. But I didn’t really meet Tim, I just waved at him from afar as he left the club that night with some of Julie’s other friends from Group Material. Julie and Tim were from Maine and together they had founded Group Material. Even though Julie and I got married, I always kept my distance from Group Material and it was not until about a year after I had initially seen Tim that I talked to him.

When Tim hooked up with Kate Pierson of the B 52s I saw more of Tim and a couple of times we saw them in Maine while Julie and Tim visited their families. Once, we all drove to Maine in two cars. Julie and Kate did the driving since Tim and I didn’t drive. But Tim and I did some driving going around in circles in an empty parking lot in Maine.

Tim was always full of enthusiasm. He couldn't say anything unless he said it with unbridled passion. His mind was full of ideas and his ideas were all over the place. It’s hard to look at Tim’s picture and think he’s no longer here. He was bigger than life then, and he’s bigger than life now.


Andres Serrano

Andres Serrano is an artist.