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Letter From Paris
Terrorism and the Socialist Police State

After years of wars and barbaric acts, Guantánamos, daily bombardments, societies destroyed, millions of displaced people and refugees, hundreds of thousands dead, thousands tortured, unhinged minds seeking comfort and vengeance in the irrational and in religious fanaticism—after all this, how and why could we escape the barbarism which the powers of the so-called civilized world have engendered and fed?

Toward a New Global Recession?
Economic Perspectives for 2016 and Beyond

What economists call “macroeconomic variables” are numbers such as the gross domestic product, interest rates, tax revenue, government expenditure, exports, imports, consumption, and the like which are used to describe the economy at large.

Syria: The Stolen Revolution

“They stole the Revolution from us!” exclaims Majd, an early actor in the Syrian Spring, now a recent refugee in France. Since the popular uprising in March, 2011, networks of resistance have formed in the continuum between militants in exile and those working in Syria’s liberated zones.

What’s Not to Like About Targeted Killings?
A Philosopher’s View

The subtitle of Laurie Calhoun’s We Kill Because We Can: From Soldiering to Assassination in the Drone Age (2015) suggests that we have entered a new epoch: the Drone Age.


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