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Field Notes

Chicago, Babylon

The Sears Tower in Chicago, renamed the Willis Tower in 2009, was once renowned for being the tallest skyscraper in the world, outstripping even the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in its bid to reach the heavens. It too stands fantastically high—an awesome testament to human ingenuity, American power, and hubris.

In Conversation

People’s Climate Arts with Nato Thompson

Last month, Nato Thompson, Chief Curator of Creative Time, sat down with three members of the activist art collective People’s Climate Arts to discuss their work.

An Anthropological Fear

Suicide is not what it used to be. According to the Aviation Safety Network, since 1976 six commercial planes, including most recently an Airbus A320 flight operated by Germanwings (a low-cost company owned by highly reputable Lufthansa), are believed to have been intentionally crashed by pilots, resulting in the deaths of 605 people.


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