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JOHN GIORNO with Jarrett Earnest

John Giorno has been a New York icon since he stared in Andy Warhol’s Sleep in 1963. Since that time he as explored sound, image, performance, and video collages from a poet’s perspective.


To explore the profound impact of Shadows, one must begin with Alfredo Jaar, the architect. Jaar’s site-specific spaces at Lelong have no equivalency in contemporary architecture.

Invisible City and Night Walk by Ken Schles

It was almost 10 years after Gerald Ford told New York City to drop dead that a young Ken Schles picked up a camera and began to document his life in the East Village and Alphabet City.

Artistic License

Kim Gordon is an artistic polymath, steeped in visual art, film, the written word. Her primary focus is music: for three decades, the world knew her as Sonic Youth’s inscrutable bassist. Girl in a Band is Gordon’s literate memoir of following “the forward wave of momentum, noise, and motion” that led to New York City, to husband and bandmate Thurston Moore, and to the long-running Sonic Youth.

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Readers,

What a month to summarize. First, there was my trip to Cranbrook Academy, under the invitation of the artist/teacher Beverly Fishman, where I spent three full days looking at the work of her remarkable graduate students in their studios.

Editor's Message Guest Critic

Editor's Note

At the Anyway Cafe afterparty for the screening celebrating Raymond Foye’s Critics Page in the December 2014/January 2015 issue of the Rail, I asked him how he managed to put the whole section together in three weeks.

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