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Six stories
from Tight Belts and Other Skin (Agra, 2011)

Take a look at that. The fish change color. When the male gets excited he turns black. He rises to the surface with the female, and as soon as they have sex, he turns silver again.

Three stories
from Joke (Nefeli, 2012)

Midway through spring semester, at the end of March, Stavros’s father went to the hospital for tests. The results showed cancer of the liver – luckily at an early stage. Stavros went back to his village for a month and a half. His mother spent nights at the hospital while he took care of their newspaper stand. When he returned to Thessaloniki, he found a stranger in his room.

Austerity Measures
Three Poems translated from the Greek in response to the Crisis

Finally he took his life in his own hands, and his hands became wings, yes his wings So he could fly in a new sky, with no light, indivisible, hidden from sight Like when he was small in his dreams and untied his bonds far from the prison cells of Everyday.

The Cosmic City

Faced with the drastic urban and architectural situation of today, we are obliged to lay down axiomatic foundations and to attempt a formalization of the two “sciences.” This is why the first question is that of urban decentralization.

from Miransù

After seven months of war in Abyssinia my brother they repatriated him because of a heart condition and they declared him unfit to serve in the war. When they recalled him for the war that came after, we all said to him, but how, they said you were unfit to serve and you’re going to show up?

A diary of mysterious difficulties…

“Is Francis here?” Dora asked in a trembling voice. “The idea of being back here, in London, in this apartment, before him in any form was unthinkable even two weeks ago. I even reproached him in my dreams for not having me back sooner. It is a good deal more terrifying than I can explain, for all of its mundane routine.”

Serena in the Afterlife

Serena lands in the afterlife. She isn’t hot. She isn’t cold. She isn’t a house. She is human. She climbs through a window that isn’t attached to a house, a barn, or boat, or a plane. She is inside.

from DNA

On April 20, 2075, an e-mail message with the subject heading JFDAKLJFDA was sent to six billion computers and unleashed the GORGON worm, which became responsible for the longest continuous interruption of the global network—three days—to date. Resulting in an estimated STM55000000000000 in damages, GORGON ushered in a new age of global systems architecture and security.

Optical Allusions

T. Motley is a core contributor to Cartozia Tales,, a fantasy mapjam comic for all ages. Buzz Buzzizyk, a k a Maximum Traffic, has been a key figure in minicomic publishing since the 1980s. He publishes the White Buffalo Gazette out of Butler, PA.

The Watch

Liana Finck's first graphic novel, A Bintel Brief: Love and Longing in Old New York, a collection of short stories adapted from letters that were written to a popular Yiddish advice column in the early 1900's, is available now from Ecco Press. Finck's work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Forward, Lilith and Tablet.


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