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I was a Brooklyn Townie

I’m from Brooklyn. I mean, I’m really from Brooklyn. I was actually born here.

The Torture of Bradley Manning

The punitive confinement of Bradley Manning, far from being an obscene anomaly, has been monotonously consistent with American laws and customs.


The whole loan and interest game is rigged the world over, we discover. Then, the corporate media does its best to blackout the story, you know, the one about the biggest fraud case in history.

A Life of Reflection & Invention
GORE VIDAL (1925-2012)

The following interview with Gore Vidal—who died on July 31, 2012, and who was a consistent thorn in the side of America’s plutocrats and their politicians—took place in 1985. That’s a long time ago, I realize, but after all these years it still seems timely.

Art In Conversation

NANCY DAVIDSON with Kate Gilmore

On the occasion of her first solo exhibition at Betty Cuningham Gallery, Dustup (September 6 – October 6, 2012), Nancy Davidson sat down with Kate Gilmore to discuss her sculpture and video, taking over spaces, bulbous parts, color!, the Wild West, and unruly women.

Art In Conversation

GARY STEPHAN with Phong Bui

A few weeks before the opening reception of his exhibit The Story of What Happens (August 26 – October 6, 2012) at devening projects + editions in Chicago, Rail Publisher Phong Bui paid a visit to the painter Gary Stephan’s Canal Street loft/studio where they resumed their ongoing conversation about Cézanne, painting, and everything.

Art In Conversation

GILLIAN WEARING with William Corwin

A retrospective of Gillian Wearing’s work ran from March 28 – June 17 at London’s Whitechapel Gallery and following quickly on its heels will be an exhibition at K20 Kunsthallsammlung NRW in Dusseldorf (September 8 – January 6, 2013). William Corwin sat down with Wearing at her East London studio to quiz her about various projects in her past and present, particularly her 2010 feature film Self-Made.

French Disconnection

The last two years have been kind to local ballet lovers with no budget for international travel, bringing companies to the city from across the globe. In 2011, the Royal Danish Ballet, the Mariinsky Ballet, and the National Ballet of Cuba were among the foreign ensembles to dance on our biggest stages.

Theater In Dialogue

Alone in the Interstices with Craig Lucas

Before he was a powerhouse playwright hyphenate, Craig Lucas was a chorus boy in Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd. In 1981, with director Norman René, he conceived of a libretto consisting only of stage directions with songs from Sondheim’s trunk to create Marry Me A Little, a story of two people alone on a Saturday night, yearning for connection, just a floor apart.

The Great Ape

The Great Ape lumbered through the four rooms of the apartment, halting in the living room in the course of one of his many circuits of his dwelling.

Cage at 100

If you surveyed the concert programs of orchestras, opera companies, and chamber music ensembles across the country, then sorted the statistics, you would think that the center of gravity in classical music was slowly rotating through Central Europe—with occasional vacations to France, Italy, and Russia—as it did from the early 18th to early 20th centuries.

Editor's Message Guest Critic

What You See

Can you say it or write it? Or, formally speaking, in what respect is seeing transferable to speech and/or writing? As Baudelaire would put it, the question grabs us by the throat.


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