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Dupes, Hoaxes, and Pranks

I was waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, the 34th Street office, a line that, had it been unwound from its switchbacks might have stretched for several city blocks.

An Excerpt from Robert Walser's The Tanners

It was snowing in the small village that morning. The children arriving at school had wet snowy shoes, trousers, skirts and heads and caps. They brought the scent of snow into the schoolroom with them, along with all sorts of debris from the muddy, sodden roads.

Reruns Rezoomed: a Serial Novel

Anticipation tends to defeat itself. The house was empty on my return, but there was a letter concerning Molly waiting for me in the vestibule. It was poorly spelled, mostly ungrammatical and eccentrically punctuated, though its intent was undeniable.

Tragic Strip

That Mac Insulted A "Made Man." Far Out.


The Brooklyn Rail

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