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Anthology: A Lot To Live Up To

The writing coming out of Africa today has an unparalleled urgency.

Fiction: Greater World Systems

Books draw on books to get themselves written and this can be a problem.

Nonfiction: Correspondence From The Struggle

The kernel of a great book in Letters From Black America is clear in its first five entries, heart-rending letters by slaves to the loved ones they had been sold away from.

Fiction: Constraints Of Quirk

Quirk has become a mainstay of contemporary fiction and also something of a malady.

Memoir: Remix

Cheeni Rao’s In Hanuman’s Hands is a fictional memoir that treads familiar ground with various nuances that set it apart from its precursors.

Fiction: Telling No Tall Tales About Africa

There are at least four kinds of stories in this extremely rewarding collection

Rapid Transit

At 21, Jack Spicer joined Kenneth Rexroth’s inner sanctum in San Francisco.


Takes us into the heart of political influence on civilian life in Morocco, exploring issues of sexuality, ambition, religion, love, and family.


The Brooklyn Rail

MAY 2009

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