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In Conversation

Irving Sandler with Phong Bui and John Yau

Rail publisher Phong Bui and Art Editor John Yau paid a visit one sunny Saturday to the author’s home/office which he shares with his wife Lucy Freeman Sandler, scholar of Medieval art, to talk about his life and work.

In Conversation

Whitfield Lovell with John Yau

On a June afternoon John Yau interviewed Whitfield Lovell about his charcoal drawings on wood surfaces and other found objects.

In Conversation

Seo-Bo Park with Robert Morgan

Seo-Bo Park—now in his mid-seventies—is considered one of the leading figures in bringing the European Modernist concept of art to Korea in the late fifties after the Korean War.

DADA Lives @ MoMA New York

“What is Dada?” asked Theo von Doesburg. The answer came from Tristan Tzara: “Dada is a state of mind.”

The Anti-Aesthetic of Dada

Originally organized by the Centre George Pompidou in Paris under the curatorial guidance of Laurent Le Bon, “Dada” was given two venues in the United States…

Some Thoughts on Eva Hesse

I first learned about Eva Hesse while I was in undergraduate school at University of the Arts through a former teacher, Ree Morton, who would talk about Hess and her work profusely in class.

Eva Hesse: Language and What Remains

“Lines/Language,” the first topic on the invitation to a recent panel on Eva Hesse seemed loaded with potential.


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