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Sisterhood is Local: Offering Women an Abortion Haven

Abortion counselor Catherine Megill discovered that some out-of-towners traveling to New York City for multiple-day second-trimester abortions were sleeping on park benches, at Port Authority, or in cars, because they couldn’t afford hotel rooms.

What’s for Dinner

“We’re Italian, so it was always ‘eat.’ If anything was wrong—oh here, eat this. If I was happy—eat this. And that was it. That’s how Italians show love and affection. By making you eat.”

Local Activist Seeks to Bring Creativity to the State Assembly

I sit across from Bill Batson in the bedroom of his apartment which, for the moment, doubles as the conference room of his fledgling campaign for State Assembly. There is an original Keith Haring almost as tall as the room framed against the far wall, its thick primary white lines drawn over a black surface.

Photo Journal

Brooklyn on a Sunday Afternoon

On March 26, 2006 Rafael de la Uz, a photographer and documentary filmmaker based in Prospect Heights took his camera to the streets of central Brooklyn.


The Brooklyn Rail

APR 2006

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