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In Dialogue

Elana Greenfield

In the work of Elana Greenfield, there is a mistrust of borders and boundaries that seems to extend to the medium of writing itself. While she is putatively a playwright, her work defies classification, occupying an indeterminate space between poetry, fiction, playwriting, and sub-genres like radio plays, oral storytelling and prose poetry.

Depraved New World: Jollyship the Whizbang

It’s been a rough year for Captain Clamp. The cabin boy whom he loved is dead—killed inadvertently by his own hand. He’s having heart trouble. To make matters worse, life on the high seas has hit the economic doldrums; in his own words, “plundering fell below first quarter expectations.” Clearly, the piracy bubble of the 1700’s has burst.

Local Stop:
Brooklyn in the Fringe

How diverse is our borough? Here’s a sampling of the 30+ Brooklyn—based companies participating in this year’s festivalities.


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