Open Letter: On Philip Guston Now

Over 2,600 artists, curators, writers, and critics have signed the open letter in response to the postponement of the Philip Guston Now retrospective.

The Brooklyn Rail stands for freedom of expression, collective accountability, and institutional transparency. We feel it is our responsibility to provide space for many perspectives to engage in productive dialogue. It is in this spirit that we share the following open letter from a diverse group of artists, critics, curators, and scholars.

Originally published on September 30, 2020

We were shocked and disappointed to read the news that the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and Tate Modern, London, had postponed by four years their planned exhibition Philip Guston Now, which had already been delayed until 2021 by the COVID-19 lockdown. The reason for the postponement? The explanation given by the directors of the four institutions in their initial announcement and in a later clarification expresses anxiety about the response that might be unleashed by certain paintings in which Guston depicts Ku Klux Klansmen, and their preference to “reframe [their] programming and … step back and bring in additional perspectives and voices to shape how [they] present Guston’s work to [their] public.” These institutions thus publicly acknowledge their longstanding failure to have educated, integrated, and prepared themselves to meet the challenge of the renewed pressure for racial justice that has developed over the past five years. And they abdicate responsibility for doing so immediately—yet again. Better, they reason, to “postpon[e] the exhibition until a time” when the significance of Guston’s work will be clearer to its public.

Philip Guston, Entrance, 1979.
Philip Guston, Entrance, 1979. Oil on canvas, 60 x 80 inches. Philadelphia Museum of Art, promised gift of Agnes Gund in honor of Joseph Rishel.

The best riposte to the museum directors’ failure of nerve is conveyed by quoting Guston’s daughter, Musa Mayer, as reported in the New York Times: “My father dared to unveil white culpability, our shared role in allowing the racist terror that he had witnessed since boyhood, when the Klan marched openly by the thousands in the streets of Los Angeles. As poor Jewish immigrants, his family fled extermination in the Ukraine. He understood what hatred was. It was the subject of his earliest works. […] This should be a time of reckoning, of dialogue. These paintings meet the moment we are in today. The danger is not in looking at Philip Guston’s work, but in looking away.”

Rarely has there been a better illustration of “white” culpability than in these powerful men and women’s apparent feeling of powerlessness to explain to their public the true power of an artist’s work—its capacity to prompt its viewers, and the artist too, to troubling reflection and self-examination. But the people who run our great institutions do not want trouble. They fear controversy. They lack faith in the intelligence of their audience. And they realize that to remind museum-goers of white supremacy today is not only to speak to them about the past, or events somewhere else. It is also to raise uncomfortable questions about museums themselves—about their class and racial foundations. For this reason, perhaps, those who run the museums feel the ground giving way beneath their feet. If they feel that in four years, “all this will blow over,” they are mistaken. The tremors shaking us all will never end until justice and equity are installed. Hiding away images of the KKK will not serve that end. Quite the opposite. And Guston’s paintings insist that justice has never yet been achieved.

In the face of an action such as that taken by these four august institutions, we ask ourselves, as private individuals, what we can do. We can speak out, certainly. But we must do more. We demand that Philip Guston Now be restored to the museums’ schedules, and that their staffs prepare themselves to engage with a public that might well be curious about why a painter—ever self-critical and a standard-bearer for freedom—was compelled to use such imagery. That does not permit the museums to fall back on the old discredited stance: “We are the experts. Our job is to show you what’s of value in art and your part is to appreciate it.” It means that museums must engage in a reckoning with history, including their own histories of prejudice. Precisely in order to help take that effort of reckoning forward, the Philip Guston Now exhibition must proceed as planned, and the museums must do the necessary work to present this art in all its depth and complexity.

The Brooklyn Rail acknowledges the Musa and Tom Mayer Charitable Fund as the sponsor of our Poetry section, and that we receive funds from the fund to keep this section in operation.

This open letter is being shared on behalf of those that have signed it to provide a platform for discourse, independent from the Rail’s affiliations. The Musa and Tom Mayer Charitable Fund and The Philip Guston Foundation were not consulted in the preparation of this letter.


Over 2,600 artists, curators, writers, and critics have signed their names in response to the postponement of the Philip Guston Now retrospective.

Since September 30, 2020
Robert AberdeinMichael GottliebRichard Nonas
Talal AbillamaMichael GottwaldDavid Noonan
Gertrude AbramsonMaria GoughHilary Noonan
Judy AdamTuyet Bach GouldTausif Noor
Marina AdamsJacqueline GourevitchLinda Norden
Alice AdamsRima GradAlicia Norman-butler
Rachel AdamsJeremy GraingerOlivia Norris
Henry AdesonPeter GranadosCharles North
Kwasi AfrifaStanley I GrandJoyce Robins Nozkowski
William AgeeCrista GrauerJill O’bryan
Ellen Schall AgnewBrandon GravingBrian O’connell
Eric AhoWillow GrayRory O’dea
Ryan AkersSue GrazeDeirdre O’dwyer
Arista AlanisKate GreenMorgan O’hara
Alexander AlberroAlastair Scott GreenPatricia M O’regan
Sergio AlcantarSarah GreenRachael O’shaughnessy
Francheska AlcántaraJackie GreenbaumTed O’sullivan
Richard AldrichEthan GreenbaumErin O’brien
Jason AlexanderMarilyn GreenbergBeth O’grady
Mitchell AlgusStanley GreenbergMahali O’hare
Yasi AlipourCarol GreeneSean O’toole
Barbara AlizaJudith E GreenwaldOron Ohayon
Bruce AllardiceCarol GreenwoodEge Okal
Sterling AllenGeorge J Grella JrMiguel Palencia Olavarrieta
Greg AllenBrigitte Nicole GriceLance Austin Olsen
Randy AllenNicholas GriderMargaret Pettee Olsen
Phil AllenNora GriffinCraig Olson
Noah Seth AllisonTim GriffinMegan Olson
Michele AlpernKio GriffithMartha Olson
Svetlana AlpersMatthew GriffithsJoel Olzak
Ellen AltfestClare GrillBob Oppenheim
Bruce AltshulerAnna GritzGeof Oppenheimer
Sasheena AlvarezWilliam GrobDanielle Orchard
Candida AlvarezJeffrey GrobartTrinidad Oribio
Joe AmatoGary Earl GromisBenjamin Orlow
Lauren Dyer AmazeenNils GrossienHector Ornelas
Winnie Sidharta AmbronBarbara GrossmanCharles Orr
David AmbroseRobin Thomas GrossmanShaw Osha
Chiara AmbrosioEva GrubingerMatthias Osterwold
Bjorn Guil AmelanKrist GruijthuijsenDidier Ottinger
Mirsini AmidonCharles GrundKlaus Ottmann
Kerri AmmirataGordy GrundySilke Otto-knapp
Mónica AmorCristina GuadalupeFrank Owen
Marina AnconaNicolas GuagniniPaola Oxoa
Curtis AndersonHedy GubbelsYemisi Oyeniyi
Ilona AndersonIris GuerraZeynep Ozkan
Laurie AndersonTony GuerreroPeter Pacheco
Lorene AndersonDoug GuildfordM.e. Pacholec
Lea AndersonKarin GulbranDavid Pagliarulo
Andrea AnderssonAgnes GundMichael Pajtas
Miya AndoCarrie GundersdorfCarl Palazzolo
Christina AndrewsJaynee GundlachFabian Palencia
Mari AndrewsVanessa GuoJason Pallas
Bruce AndrewsJanice GurneyMarc Pally
Dr David AnfamKarin GustafsonAndrew Palmer
Marlene AngejaCliff GustafsonMarilla Palmer
Suzanne AnkerMateo GutierrezThea Paneth
Elise AnselMarta GutmanRichard K Pantell
Nathan AnspaughScott GuttermanNicole Parcher
Ron AnteroinenGina C. GuyHearne Pardee
Matthew AntezzoHenry Gibbons GuySuzanne M Parker
Sharron AntholtJanice GuyValerie Parks
Jean-philippe AntoineLéonie GuyerDennis Parks
Gale AntokalWade GuytonKelly Parr
Oceans ApartSarah GyllenstiernaDale E. Parson
Dora ApelHans HaackeAshley Passik
Polly ApfelbaumWiltrud HaaseSara Pasti
Sally ApfelbaumTheresa HackettS. Patel
Celia ApplegateMelinda HackettMartin Patrick
Ken AptekarShannon K. HackettJack Patterson
Shagha ArianniaBruce HackneyWilliam Patterson
Davis ArneyMona HadlerIan Patterson
Natasha AroraHans-jürgen HafnerAndy Patton
Joerg Soechting ArtworkJoshua HaglerStephen Paulmier
Michael AshcroftAlexander HahnPam Paulson
Keith AshcroftRachel HaiduChris Pavlik
Christopher AshleyYoav HainebachJessica K Pavone
Irene Alatzakis AsteriKathy HalbowerDavid Peacock
Luke Alex AtkinsonKathy HalbreichBruce Pearson
Alice AttieMathew HaleSophia Pedlow
Stephen AtwoodKen HaleMel Pekarsky
Tauba AuerbachJohn K HallKattarina Pekovic
David AustenSharon HallDavid Pelfrey
Hartmut AustenCarla HallFrancesco Pellizzi
Brent AuxierGordon HallElizabeth Pence
Tamar AvishaiBirdie HallGelah Penn
Todd AyoungBrent HallardSandra Percival
Beena AzeemChad HallbladeEllie Perendy
Malina BMark HallileyDonna E Perkins
Olivier BabinTamar HalpernQuimetta Perle
Andy BachmanNora HalpernMai-thu Perret
Audrey BachmanNoel S. HalvorsenMichael W Perri
Alexander BäckmanJosephine HalvorsonMichelle Perron
Chandra BaergElizabeth HamillRichard a Perse
Firelei BaezAnn HamiltonStephen Persing
Nairy BaghramianHelmut HammenHeather Pesanti
Matthew BaigellTom HammickSteven Pestana
Tanya Goodman BaileyDrew HammondPeter
Lindsay BaileyTrenton Doyle HancockBradley Petersen
Alix BaileyJack HanleyAmanda Petkiewicz
Mary BaileyJoe HanlyPaul Petro
Kristin BakerPeter HanmerAndreas Petrossiants
Brett BakerDavid HannahSusan Kennedy Petticrew
Loring BakerDon HannahSarah Pettitt
Newman Taylor BakerLesley HansardRobert Pettus
Erik BakkeChanning HansenScott Pfaffman
Amy BalkinCele HanzelAxel Pfeil
David BallantyneLynn HanzelBernadette Phan
Janet BallwegClay HapazHarry Philbrick
Tom BambergerJeanne HardyMatt Phillips
Joan BanachRand HardyLiza Phillips
Izzy BarberMichelle N HarewoodMartha Phillips
Alisa BaremboymKathleen HarlemanSeth Pick
Peter BarnetErin HarmonPaola Pietrantoni
Matthew BarneyMary HarnettFrancesca Pietropaolo
Carl BarneyDerek HarperNick Pilato
Dennis BaroneRebecca HarperMark Pimlott
Richard BaronsBenjamin A. H. HarpsøeJames Pimperton
Paula BarrTheodore A. HarrisOren Pinhassi
Brian BarrAlecia HarrisAnt Pipe
Paco BarragánMark HarrisAdrian Piper
Rachael BarrettLeslie M. HarrisJoachim Pissarro
Carol BarshaRoberta HarrisLari Pittman
James BarthT.a. HarrisLucy Pittman
Regine BashaSusan HarrisRichard Pitts
Martin BasherRachel HarrisonPeter Plagens
Stefano BasilicoClaudia HartBenoit Plateus
Jessamine BatarioMeena HasanCarina Plath
Erica BaumMaria HassabiDavid Platzker
Barbara BaumNicholas HatfullCraig Pleasants
Daniel BaumannKocot and HattonAlfredo Plot
Tim BavingtonEj HauserCharlie Pohlad
Tulu BayarAlexander HawkinsRobert Pokorny
Monika Bayer-wermuthAnthony HawleyMathias Poledna
Lisa BckEloise HawserMyron Polenberg
Colin BeattieMary HawthorneCarnelian Polich
Jeanne Marie BeaumontBill HeardLarry Pollans
Cecilia BeavenKelly HeatonHeidi Pollard
Adam Lloyd BeckermanGregory HeddermanRon Pollard
Cullen BeckhornMarielle HehirRona Pondick
Helen BeckmanAlex HeilbronWilliam Pope.L
Susan BeePhilip Douglas HeilmanElizabeth Portanova
Kim BehmChristine HeindlEndi Poskovic
Paul BehnkeAlanna HeissDmitri Potemkin
Leigh BehnkeElizabeth HelferWilliam Potter
Vivie BehrensRichard HellSarah Praill
Louise BelcourtJuha Arvid HelminenAlex Pratt
Susan BellAly HelyerJeffrey Prehn
Larry BellTom HemanEva Presenhuber
Julian BellRoderik HendersonClayton Press
Kirsty BellDavid HendersonLisa Pressman
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Zoe BeloffGilles Heno-coeStephen Prina
Kiera BennettLucy HenselMarybei Prince
Martin BennettLisa HerfeldtNancy Princenthal
Erik BensonLily HermsAndreas Prinzing
Sallie BentonDaniel HerrJacob Proctor
Bridget BenzingMatthias HerrmannGerald Pryor
Joanne M. BerensLeslie HertzogYuval Pudik
Emily BergerNicholas HeskesLucy Pullen
Anna Maria Busse BergerChristopher P. HeuerFlorian Pumhösl
Susan L BergerScott HewittMartin Puryear
Ellen BerkenblitCorin HewittMiranda Putman
Terry BerkowitzDaniel HeymanR.H. Quaytman
Daniel BerlinJulia HeywardTimothy Quigley
Sharon BerlinAstrid HiemerLangdon Quin
Janet Catherine BerloStephanie Temma HierJim Quinn
Jean-baptiste BernadetJohn HiesterMarc Quinn
Lynn G BernsteinYuki HigashinoBrian Quinn
Amy BernsteinJennifer HiggieCarol Rabel
Judith BernsteinJonathan HigginsRaquel Rabinovich
Charles BernsteinMatthew HiggsBill Rabinovitch
Anselm BerriganMitch HighfillRoss Racine
Ian BerryTodd HigniteReuben Radding
Michael BerryhillTakashi HilferinkSherry Bittle Rader
Luca BertoloDaniel G. HillHussain Rahim
Heather BestEmma HillGreta Rainbow
Stephen BeveridgeSarah HinckleyArjuna Rajasingham
James BiberAdam HirschJon Rajkovich
Friederike BieblDavid B. HobbsSteve Ramirez
Matthew BiedermanPerry HobermanDebra Ramsay
Susan BielsteinSusan HochbaumMorgan Ramsey
Joshua BienkoJohn Robert Penney HodgsonArchie Rand
Margaret BigelowCharlotte HodgsonGabriela Rangel
Jon BirdClive HodgsonMadeleine Ranges
Jill BirdsallRussell HodinJohn Rapko
Heather Lee BirdsongNoah G. HoffmanJay Smith + Laura Rapp
Dara BirnbaumRuan HoffmannKatie Rashid
Matthew BiroGaby HoffmannDavid Ratcliff
Johannes BirringerPeter HoffmeisterCarter Ratcliff
Michael K. BisbeePascal HointzaShihab Rattansi
Jeffrey BishopJean HolabirdChristian Rattemeyer
David BishopTanja HollanderChristopher Rauschenberg
Julien BismuthPeter HolmLucy Raven
Eve BlackBob HolmanWill Rawls
David BlackbournJayne HolsingerYasmil Raymond
Michael BlackwoodMamie HolstKathryn Reasoner
Thomas BlairNicolas HoltMichael Redman
John R. BlakingerChuck HoltzmanDr Stuart Reed
Andrea BlanchLisa HolzerDavid Reed
Lisa BlasJeehee HongTeresa Bramlette Reeves
Ysabel Pinyol BlasiTony HornMegan Frances Refice
Daniel BlauNate HorningMichael Regester
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Jaynie CrimminsLeigh LedareDan Solbach
Somaya CritchlowRay LeeT.l. Solien
Christopher CrosmanMarta LeeAmy Solomon
Susan Spencer CroweMelissa Karmen LeeDeborah Solomon
Katy CroweDiana Seo Hyung LeeSteven L Solomon
Sarah CrownerBing LeeTravis Somerville
Santiago CuculluAlexander LeeAdam Sonderberg
Paul CummingsLynne LeeMaya Sonenberg
Fiona CurranSabrina LefkowitzJeffrey Augustine Songco
Gregory F CurryLinde LehtinenPatricia Sonnino
Julie CurtissJeffrey a LeibDennis Sopczynski
Lynda D’avrayDavid LeisnerPeter Soriano
Marisa D’andreaSally LelingChris Sorrentino
Elisa D’arrigoAnnette LemieuxCarolyn Sortor
Phoebe d’HuerleCorina LemmerElaine Souda
Carole D’invernoRalph LemonSue Spaid
Bill DaggsAnastasia LennonLaura Spector
Cynthia DaignaultZoe LeonardBuzz Spector
Gordon DaltonNicola LeongNancy Spector
Bradford William DalyRuth LepsonErik Spehn
Dwight Francis DavidDiane LercherJordan Speicher
Michael DavidScott LernerAmy Suzanne Spence
Maxine DavidowitzLisa LesniakSarah Spencer
Lara DaviesJonathan LethemRyan Spencer
Dana Martin DavisGreg LetsonBenet Spencer
Mary W. DavisCatherine LetteCarolyn P. Speranza
Gerald DavisMikael LevinDennis Spicer
John Patrick DavisonMax LevinArt Spiegelman
Donna DawsonMarilyn LevinMargot Spindelman
Cricket DayKim LevinRebecca Spivack
Dr Tom DayJudith LevineVesela Sretenovic
Christine De BaanDaniel LevineSarah Stage
Kosme De BarañanoBrett LevineEarl Staley
James De CrescentisSura LevineMichael Stamm
Thierry de DuveLauren G LevineRyan Standfest
Sam De GrootJames M LevinsohnM. Louise Stanley
Jerry De La CruzConstance LewallenTimothy Stappaerts
Cecilia De MedeirosJacob W. LewisStacy Stark
Xavier Robles De MedinaMark LewisSandra Stark
Maria Luisa De SimoneThomas C LewisJacqui Starkey
Catherine de ZegherGeorgina LewisRichard Starna
Tacita DeanXi LiTim Starr
Daniel Brian DeanDanny LiculChrysanne Stathacos
Judith DeanHanna LidenAnn Stautberg
Rachel DeaneRhonda LiebermanGerman Stegmaier
Emily DeclementJerry LieblichAlex Stein
Jean-michel DecombeKate LiebmanAnna Steinert
Daphne Anderson DeedsPaul LiebnerSteven Steinman
Jared DeeryMichael LightOriane Stender
Nora DejasuOttilie LighteSarah Stengel
Luca Del BaldoJudy LillestonDavid Stent
Joseph P DelappeEmma LillySusan Stephenson
Matthew DelegetRaúl I. LimaMelissa Stern
Gonzalo Herrero DelicadoAnne Janine LindbergAliza Sternstein
Andrea DelphBarbara LindellColeen Sterritt
Robert DemangusDiana LindenChris Stevens
Susan DemirjianGreg LindquistElizabeth Stevens
Tom DenmanArto LindsayJacob Stevens
Michael Sean DennyLois LinetLeora Stewart
Julia Innocenza DepintoJames LingwoodJesse Stewart
Phyllis DerfnerJudith LinharesHito Steyerl
Ann DermanskyRotem LinialSusan Stickney
The National Academy of DesignDanny LinwerkFiona Stirling
Katherine DesjardinsLisa LipinskiJennifer B Stockman
Robert D DesjarlaitJason LipowCraig Stockwell
Susan C DesselLauren LipsaySusan Stockwell
Nick DevereuxJackie LiptonAnn Stoddard
Gracie DevitoEunice LiptonSue Ellen Stone
Fred DeweyRobyn LitchfieldTodd Stong
Johannes DeyoungAstrid LitfaßRobert Storr
Sara Di DonatoHarriet LivathinosLuanne Stovall
Mario DiaconoJane S LivingstonJordan Strafer
Bernardo DiazJason LivingstonStephanie Straine
Ricardo Manuel DíazHan LoSusannah Kite Strang
Astrid DickJocelyn LoOscar Strasnoy
Wilfried DickhoffRobert LobeDavid Levi Strauss
William DieboldMichael LobelMaya Strauss
Heiko DielingDavid LockChris Succo
Noah DillonSteve LockeMichele Sudduth
Joseph R DilorenzoTom LoeserRobbie Sugg
Roz DimonJane LogemannFiachra O Suilleabhain
Mary DinaburgMark LoiaconoEmma Sullivan
Mark DionTia LombardiJennifer Sullivan
Michael DispensaJim LongVonn Cummings Sumner
David DixonMarcos LopezMargaret Sundell
Madeline DjerejianMarie LopezDavid Sundry
Lewis DohertySergio LoraEsther Sunyer
Peter DoigMark LordLenore Suttle
Rebecca DolinskyCatherine LordKate Sutton
Nicholas Anthony DomichErin LoreeTarp Suzuki
Lydia DonaJason Bailer LoshEna Swansea
Terence DonnellanCatherine LouisJane Swavely
Carmel DorLourdesChristopher Sweeney
ørjan Einarsønn DøsenLouis LovelessNatasha Sweeten
Roy DowellAnne LowenthalOrli Swergold
Jim DrainAbraham LubelskiDr Todd Swift
Douglas DreishpoonLuigi LuccarelliEleanor Swordy
Patrick E DriscollAndrew LuggJohn Szlasa
Peter DriverCarol LukitschCarol Szymanski
Carol DronsfieldKen LumPhilip Taaffe
Eric DrotchJohn LunaDonna Tadelman
Grant DrumhellerSarah LutzCatherine Taft
Jenny DubnauWinifred LutzLisa Taliano
Erina DuganneJason LyDan R Talley
Laurie DukeJoseph LymanTina Tammaro
Alberto DumanBrian LynchTimothy Tan
Patrick DunfordChristopher LyonT Tanchelev
Kyle DunnNoah Adrien LyonsJudith Tannenbaum
Linda DunneBarbara MacadamCristiano Tassinari
Rachel Blau DuplessisDaniel MaccarthyDavid Taylor
Marcella DurandRobert MacdonaldMr Christy Taylor
Aleksandar DuravcevicMark F MacekAlison Elizabeth Taylor
Ben DurhamJohn MackayRachel Taylor
Leah DurnerAndrew MackenzieMelanie Taylor
Rina Ac DweckJ.k. MacleanHenry Taylor
Rochelle DweckJohn MacleanMichael Tcheyan
Angela DwyerKit MacneilKate Teale
Dying_gaulLynn MacritchieJulia Tejblum
Michael E.scoffieldLee MaelzerSumru Tekin
Robert EagleDaniel MafeMatteo Tenardi
Penn EastburnSusannah MagersAmy Tenenouser
Alyssa EbleDafna MaimonDiane Tepfer
Cecilia EdefalkDavid MaiselGiulia Theodoli
Martha EdelheitMonica MajoliBoscher Theodor
Asher EdelmanSheila MajumdarDaniel Therriault
Jenny EdenMinkah MakalaniWayne Thiebaud
Melissa EderJiri MakovecAngelika Thill
Andrew EdlinStephen MalagodiTod Thilleman
Helen EdwardsNalini MalaniTerri Thomas
Angela EdwardsLenore MalenDave Thomas
Beth I EdwardsAllison MalinskyMickalene Thomas
Frank EgloffLoïc MalleCarol Thompson
Britt EhringerLoic MalleMolly Thomson
Jane EhrlichGeorgia MallinRobert Thomson
Martina EichnerJesse MalmedDaniel M Thurau
Carolin Frieda EidnerJodie ManasevitCaragh Thuring
Nicole EisenmanAlex MankiewiczJoyce Tibbs
Judith EislerWerner MannaersMolly Tierney
Jason EisnerJ. Patrice MarandelLaura Tighe
Tim EitelCharles MarburgFrancis Till
Kenzy El-mohandesAri MarcopoulosMatthew Joseph Tinkler
John ElderfieldLaurie Heller MarcusRirkrit Tiravanija
Michael EliasMegan MardenRirkrit Tiravanija
Carol ElielJonathan MarderBenjamin Tischer
Laura ElkinsNathan MargalitPatrick Todd
Anne EllegoodRam MarimuthuJulie Todd
Kie EllensTom MarioniFrank X Tolbert2
David ElliottKai MaristedGoran Tomcic
Helen Friedman EllisDenise MarkonishAnna Tome
Sharon EngelsteinBarbara MarksTerry Tomlinson
Steven EnglanderLiz MarkusBetty Tompkins
Simon EnglishLaura MarmarDaphne Toprek
Darby EnglishCelina MarquisJeremy Toussaint-Baptiste
Melissa EnnenEnzo MarraLlyn Towner
Robert EnrightLaura MarsCarol Trager
Haris EpaminondaWythe MarschallAmanda Trager
Oli EppJoshua MarshVan Tran
Mitch EpsteinLaurie MarshallAnne Trauben
Eric EricksonGraeme MarshallLisa Norris Traugott
Karl EricksonMax MarshallKatrina Traywick
Corinne ErniMichael MarstonDan Treado
James EsberGuy MarteletPatricia Treib
Inka EssenhighRichard MartinJohn Tremblay
Mike EstabrookChris MartinAlexandra Trencséni
Kareem EstefanJanice MartinGraeme Tresidder
Ben EstesThomas MartinMichael Trier
Donelle EsteyLaurel MarxJane Troy
Russell EtchenJoseph MasheckJennifer True
Cyrus EtemadNoelle MasonLynn Truncale
Tamar EttunStephen MasonWilliam Tucker
Andrea EvansDaisy MasonDiana Tuite
Jessica EvansRon MasonDani Tull
Thomas EvansZahra MasseyJudd Tully
Tim EvenBryan MastersonJoe Turpin
Jonathan FabellaFernando MastrettaKaori Uchisaka
Patricia FabricantTony MatelliThiang Uk
Seth FagenBill MathesiusErik Ulman
Harald FalckenbergTaras W. MatlaLynn Umlauf
Hadi FallahpishehAudrey MatlockSolange Umutoni
Bryan FallerKai MatsumiyaFlorin Ungureanu
Camilla FallonJ. MattSuzanne Unrein
Matthew FarrellDakota MatthessDouglas Max Utter
Heide FasnachtSebastian MatthewsKara Vaggio
Faye FayermanTiffany MatulaIan Vail
Christina FazioAndrew MaughanVincent Valdez
Michele Feder-nadoffEvan M. MaurerAndrea Kim Valdez
Brian FeeRachel MauroMariana Valencia
Andrew FeehanValérie MavridorakisFred Valentine
Fergus FeehilyDavid MaximConstanza Vallese
Andrea FeeserNick MayHenry Valori
Harriet FeigenbaumAlberta MayoPeter Van Beveren
Sarah FeinmannCharles MaytonCarl Van Brunt
Rochelle FeinsteinPaul MaziarMark Van Buskirk
Robert FeintuchGail MazurGerald Van De Wiele
Ann FeitelsonGuillaume MazurageMax Van Den Hout
Lucy FellowsMichael MazurekRichard Van Der Aa
Nina FelshinMichael P MccafferyTon Van Der Linden
Laurie FendrichPeter MccaffreyBurt Van Deusen
Jon FengKirk MccallJoep Van Lieshout
Will FenstermakerAnthony MccallXander Van Oorschot
John FeodorovJeremiah William MccarthyRenk Van Oyen
Russell FergusonBruce MccollNiels Van Tomme
Pep FernàndezSeann Patrick MccollumJames Vanderberg
George FerrandiMery Lynn MccorkleNoizet Vanessa
Rafael FerrerT McdonaldKristy Vant
Antonio FerreraTimothy McdonaldBjorn Lee Varella
Keltie FerrisMary McdonnellSantos R. Vasquez
Naomi FeuersteinPam McdonnellNoah Vaughn
Gaudencio FidelisBruce McgawCyan Vazquez
Molly FidenTom McglynnDavid Velasco
Joanna FiducciaAlison McgoranKostis Velonis
Jennifer FieldFrancis McilveenJovanna Venegas
Ruth P FieldsEmma McintyreLucia Vera
Robert FieldsJosephine L. MckeeMark Verabioff
Elena FilipovicTrina MckeeverSergio Verastegui
Jane FineTracy MckennaJared Verratti
Jonathan FinebergJordan MckenzieMarcia E Vetrocq
Stuart FinemanKian MckeownWilliam Villalongo
Alix FinkelsteinElizabeth MckinneWinfried Virnich
Patrick FinnAlan McknightSamuel Viscosi
Julia Wolkoff FioreIan MclaughlinMattijs Visser
Paul FioreMargot McleanAnna Vitale
Salvatore FiorelloGerald Wayne McleodJay Vithalani
Susan FirestoneJennifer McmackonRichard Vogl
Marc FischerJillian McmaneminConnie Voisine
Julia FishKate McnamaraDon Voisine
Allen FisherDuncan McnaughtonMoritz A. Von Bredow
Louise FishmanJenny Lynn McnuttCharline Von Heyl
Patrick Michael FitzgeraldChristina McpheeTomas Vu
Coleen FitzgibbonSharon McpheeJeanette Vuocolo
John FitzsimmonsBruce McphersonMarfa Vychehzhanina
Donna FleischerMaureen McquillanIrwin W
Saskia FleishmanDamien MeadeCarol Wachs
Brian FlinnShane MecklenburgerJulia Wachtel
Dr João FlorêncioTurid MeekerRoberta Waddell
Nora FlorittoRoel MeelkopBrent Wadden
Douglas FogleJulie MehretuGlenn Waggner
Andreas Maria FohrJackie MeierEileen Wagner
Lucie FoleySarah Miller MeigsKarin Waisman
Sean FoleyBrad MelamedPaul Walde
Corrado FolineaMargery MellmanHamza Walker
Chris FordSean MellynPat Walker
Hermine FordBonnie MeltonPamela J. Wallace
Luke ForsythJo MelvinChristopher English Walling
Donald FortenberryJonathan MemmertKieran Walsh
Sylvie FortinMichael MenchacaJack Walsh
Joseph FosterShari MendelsonMeela Walsh
Grant FosterJohn MenickJoan Waltemath
Carey FouksRonald Stephen MennieSusan Wanklyn
Roy FowlerMaxwell MenziesSean Waple
Raymond FoyeMichael MercierHenry Ward
Lucy FradkinMichael MercilTino Ward
Cianne FragioneGrant MercsMichael Ward
Robert FrancaRobert MeredithMeredith Ward
Richard FrancisMitchell MerlingJoseph Merton Wardwell
Jane FrancisTiago MesquitaChris Ware
Claudia FrankenJosephine MesserJessica Baron Warner
Alexander FrankfurtSam MesserMadeline Warren
Iris FrauchigerCassie Metcalf-slovoBrian Washburn
Kevin FrechGeorgia MetzHiro Watanabe
Suzan FreconAdeena MeyJonathan Wateridge
Deborah FreedmanMelissa MeyerRichard Wathen
Peter FreemanJoshua MeyerMel Watkin
Christian FreudenbergerFredric MeyerHeather Watkins
Susan FreudenheimLinn MeyersSimon Watney
Anne Marie FreybourgGail MeyersClaire Watson
Daisy FriedThomas MicchelliMike Watson
Michael FriedGeorgia Abigail MickeyKen Weathersby
Sarajo FriedenGari Laura MillerMathew Weaver
Barbara FriedmanPeter Benson MillerMarcus Weber
Julia FriedmanSusan MillerChuck Webster
Jared FriedmanSarah Susan Petkov MillerPaupla Webster
Kristen FroebelKatita MillerMary Rose Webster
Kathryn FrundAmada MillerJames Wechsler
Chie FuekiAndy MillerDrew Weech
Glenn FuhrmanJohn MillerMoritz Wegwerth
Kenji FujitaSue MillerLaura Wehrman
Betty Carroll FullerMelissa MillerRob Weiner
Barnaby FurnasEarl MillerIvy Weingram
Inci FurniAlison MillsGrace Weinrib
Isabella FürnkäsDan MillsPaul Weinstein
Coco FuscoWallace Richard MillsLenore Weinstein
Jasmine GageRuth MitchellJohn Weir
Charles GainesRobert J. MitchellSean Weisgerber
Peter GalassiLucy Mitchell-innesEllyn Weiss
Anya GallaccioLizbeth MittyNicole Weisz
Ellen GallagherNancy MladenoffGina Werfel
The Women’s Darkroom + GalleryIsabelle MoffatPaul Werner
Jan GalliganMarjan MoghaddamStephen Westfall
Jorge E GamboaArash MokhtarMark Wethli
Ruoyi GanHelen MolesworthLauren Whearty
Cecilia GandariasRoberto Romero MolinaWilliam Whitaker
Jessica GandolfMary MolinaryTeresa Karen Ruth White
Robert GangerDianna MolzanHeidi Whitman
Sharon GarbeEnya MommsenStanley Whitney
Julia GarciaKristen MonkWilliam Whitney
Simon GardamEdward MonovichThomas Whittle
Karen GardnerRenée MonroseSusan Whyne
Thomas Michael GardnerKirkman MontgomeryRobert Wiesenberger
Judy GarfinFrancisco Postlethwaite MontijoJennifer Wiggs
Laura Elaine GarrettNathan MontoyaTj Wilcox
Aaron Levi GarveyMary B. MooneyEva-maria Wilde
Felize GarvinKevin MooneyV. H. Wildman
Evan GarzaTony MooreChris Wiley
Ivan GaskellCarmengloria MoralesGordon Wilkins
Eleanor GaverSarah Alice MoranRichard Wilkinson
Tamara GayerJohn MoranJohn Wilkinson
Linda GearyGabriel MoreauJohn Willenbecher
Leylâ GedizAna MorenoBrian Willett
Bryan GeeLaura Moreton-griffithsDidier William
Kati GegenheimerJames MorganChristopher Williams
Sherri GeldinCy MorganTerence Williams
Dagmara GendaEdward MorganGregory Williams
Tim GentlesMaria MorgantiDale Williams
Brennan GerardIvan MorleyKelli Williams
Celia GerardSimonetta MoroKathy Williams
Vince GerberRon MorosanSharon Willis
Geena Brown GershenbergLaura MorrisMark Willmett
Scott GersonJason MorrisMorgan Wills
Tsibi GevaJennifer MorrisonKate Wilson
Nancy GeyerBenjamin MoserMillie Wilson
Sara GhahramaniOona MosnaAndrew Wilson
Andy GiannakakisFred MotenPamela Wilson-ryckman
Mark Thomas GibsonCyrilla MozenterDeborah Winiarski
Lin GibsonMpaTrevor Winkfield
Thomas and Hugh GibsonJim MuehlemannAdam Winner
Samuel Ross GilbertKathy MuehlemannPaul Winstanley
Scott A. GilbertMargery Thomas MuellerJonah Winter
Aaron GilbertArrow MuellerLloyd Wise
Jeremy Gilbert-rolfeK MuldoonJordan Wolfson
Laura GilesLillian MuleroBruno Richard Wollheim
Wojciech GilewiczJennifer MulhearnQueenie Wong
Kathleen GiljeDave MullerJosephine Wood
Bridie GillRalph MüllerErin Woodbrey
Milan GillespieTmm MulliganBill Woodrow
Anne GilmanJacob MullinsSands Woodruff
Madeline GilmoreSteve MumfordChristopher Wool
Carmen GimenezLoren MunkAlexi Worth
Noa GinzburgAlexandra MunroeAdrianne Wortzel
Andrew GinzelMia MuratoriRandy Wray
María Del Carmen Barrios GiordanoJudith MurrayVicky Wright
Marco GiovanettiCaitlin MurraySarah H Wright
Kiana GirigorieChris MusinaGesche Würfel
Glenn GisslerJody MussoffJan Wurm
Charles GiulianoTerry R. MyersJohn Wyatt-clarke
David GivensScott MylesRose Wylie
Barbara GladstoneSarah NabarroChloe Wyma
Joyce GlasserKirk NachmanMargot Yale
Peter GlassfordDan NadelGuy Yanai
Kate GlazerLisa NaftolinPatrick Yang
Margaret GlewChristian NagelCatherine Yang
Pam GlickAlexander NagelJeffrey Yard
Christiana GliddenErika M NakataniKathryn J Yarrington
Vera GliemNamesRobert Yasuda
Jeremy GloganMunira NaquiJohn Yau
Klara GlosovaKirsten NashJohn Yau
Amanda GluibizziNancy NataleMie Yim
Mik GodleyVince NataleMimi Young
Camilo GodoyAdrian NavarroMarnin Young
Benjamin GodsillWilliam D NealChris Yuda
Beka GoeddeJane NecolSusan H Yungbluth
David GoerkJustin NeelyLisa Yuskavage
Ulrio GoerlichAnne NeelyMichele Zalopany
Romy GolanNora NeelyDuane Zaloudek
Joel GolbEileen NeffHk Zamani
Raphael GolbGabriele NegroGabriel Zanas
Lisa GoldMargaret NeillPaolo Zani
Roselee GoldbergDalia NeisRobin Zapata
Carin GoldbergIrene NelsonPatricia Zarate
Pamela GoldenNaomi NemtzowKatia Zavistovski
Caroline GoldenLouise NeriKristopher Zaycher
Carl GoldhagenPerri NeriSebastian Zeidler
Sarah GoldmanMolly NesbitFlorian Zeyfang
Connie GoldmanShirin NeshatAngela Ziqi Zhang
Judith GoldmanHenri NeuendorfJiajia Zhang
Janet GoldnerBonnie NeumannRachel Zhang
Fred GoldsteinOctavius NeveauxJessica Ziakin-cook
Judith L GoldsteinPhilip NewcombeCarolyn Zick
Brian GoldsteinMichael NewmanToby Ziegler
Mollie GoldstromAmy NewmanMichel Ziegler
Tamara GonzalesLaura NewmanScott Zieher
Wayne GonzalesJudith NezriJeff Zilm
Adrian GonzalezNick NguyenTamar Zinn
Manuel E GonzalezJonathan NicholsDeborah Ziska
Maria Elena GonzálezBob NickasBrenda Zlamany
Thyrza Nichols GoodeveRichard Emery NickolsonAntoine Zucchet
Brenda GoodmanEva NielsenHeidi Zuckerman
Dana GordonPetra NimtzRachael Zur
Helena GoreyRuth NoackKathy Zurek-doule
Jay GorneySusan K. NoelJacob William Zurilla
Gene GortTimothy NolanJane Zweibel
John GossageDavid Nolan

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