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Join the group of artists and thinkers who are working to keep the Rail independent and free forever through a $10 million endowment.

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Over the past 21 years the Brooklyn Rail has undertaken a miraculous journey, bringing together in a single monthly publication art, music, dance, film, theater, and literature, along with thoughtful social and political meditations.

In addition to publishing one of New York’s last free newspapers, the Rail reached 3 million readers online in 2021, and hosted over 260 lunchtime New Social Environment conversations, permanently available in our archive. This expansion has enabled us to elevate the voices and contributions of many more people than ever before.

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Your contribution will directly support our writers, guest artists, and production staff, and operations at the Rail for the coming year. Here's a breakdown of some of our our monthly costs.

  • $24,000 goes towards paying our contributors, writers, editors, poets, and designers who make our issues come alive.
  • $12,500 covers the cost of printing the issue of the Rail each month. We print 10 issues per year.
  • $1,700 goes toward hosting our live Radical Poetry readings that celebrate the work of both established and emerging poets around the world as part of our New Social Environment.
  • $5,000 goes towards covering the cost of health insurance for our staff.
  • $1,800 covers the cost of the technology, online services, and platforms we rely on to collaborate, publish, and distribute the Rail.