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Zack Hatfield

ZACK HATFIELD is a writer living in New York.

Bruce Davidson: Survey

A photograph, like a chance or an oath, is something taken. This is an idiom that goes unexamined. But the verb also implicitly charges photography with some unspoken crime, a visual theft or trespass.

Remedios Varo's Letters, Dreams & Other Writings

Like her paintings, Remedios Varo’s writing is delicate and assiduously unhinged, both giddy with the possibilities of the impossible and curiously prim—outlandish, but just right. In Varo’s work, the clashing forces of magic and science deliquesce: witchcraft, chemistry, fairytales, anthropology, mathematical formulas, astronomy, Freudian psychoanalysis—all is grist for the imagination.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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