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Yann Nicol

Yann Nicol is a journalist, a proofreader and a presenter of literary symposia.

In Dialogue

French Literature Today: Philippe Forest with Yann Nicol

Born in Paris in 1962, Philippe Forest is the author of numerous essays on art and literature and of three novels, all published by Gallimard.

Experiential Lit: Grégoire Bouillier with Yann Nicol Translated by Violaine Huisman and Lorin Stein

Paris-based writer Grégoire Bouillier was born in 1960. After writing for reviews including L’Infini and NRV, his first novel, Rapport sur moi (Allia, 2002), was awarded the Prix de Flore. His new memoir, The Mystery Guest, has just been published in the US by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Yann Nicol, a freelance journalist based in Lyon, recently spoke to Bouillier.

In Conversation

Lydie Salvayre with Yann Nicol, translated by Mireille Vignol

Yan Nicol (Nicol): La vie Commune, Everyday Life, now translated in English and available in the USA, was first published in France fifteen years ago and is one of your first novels.


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