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William Lessard

William Lessard’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in McSweeney’s, FANZINE, Prelude, Hyperallergic, PANK, FUNHOUSE Magazine, Maudlin House, and People Holding. His artwork has also been featured at MoMA PS1. His chapbook Rembrandt with Cell Phone was published by Reality Beach.

Against the Willowy Rascal with Giant Phallus

Bernadette Mayer has always been an outlier with the confidence of an insider. Since her days editing the Conceptualist journal 0 to 9 with Vito Acconci, publishing the likes of Ted Berrigan, Sol LeWitt, and Kenneth Koch, she has channeled the most progressive trends in art without losing her own particular voice: working-class, old school, old neighborhood, cranky New York. Mayer is a punk yogi who can bite one moment, drop Dharma on you the next.

Adventures in Self-Voyeurism

Poet, memoirist, and essayist Chris Campanioni adapts the dialectic for the age of the smartphone. For him, it’s not about the A/B binary of original object and subverted result; Campanioni brings Situationism to the party, generating texts with performative constraints that are often obscured as the writer erases his path to the final product.

Joseph Scapellato's Big Lonesome

Discussing The Searchers in one of his early film essays, Godard describes when John Wayne finds Natalie Wood and holds her at arm’s length as a moment of classical transference.

Well-Trained into This Savage Vista

Landscape with Sex and Violence is Lynn Melnick’s second book of poems. It arrives when the testimony of sexual assault is encoded into social media and a 24-hour news cycle.

Shira Dentz's how do i net thee

Shira Dentz is a deft experimentalist that casual readers of contemporary poetry need to discover.


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