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Victoria Keddie

Ingrid Calame

It’s hard to imagine that this is Ingrid Calame’s first solo exhibit in New York. The colors are intense. Calame writes, "Color for me is a trigger for thoughts and memories, one color leads to another— like writing a rambling poem." Several paintings hang in the first room of the gallery, each holds a collection of stains traced from the streets of L.A. and New York, transcribed in brightly pigmented enamels onto aluminum.

Kristin Baker

I remember working at NASCAR one summer in Daytona Beach with my sister. The smell of charred rubber, beer, and white trash filled the arena. I never thought I would relive those memories in downtown Manhattan. Flat Out is a show about fast cars, tight curves, and, explosions. Kristin Baker has created a full sensory environment.

Adam Kalkin: Suburban House Kit

Imagine that you live in a house with an origami garden, custom designed carpeting, fireplace, stainless steal kitchen, three bedrooms, two baths, and mahogany sliding doors.


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