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Veronika Sheer


Though even in presence, faint as fading dreams with a few familiar, recurring signs clinging to memory, Shura Chernozatonskaya’s images tenaciously linger. Her show is married to the mind, in which it refuses to be disassembled.

AGA OUSSEINOV In the Middle of Erewhon II

Referring to Soviet “agit-trains” or “agitation machines,” even as it pretends to deliver a strong message that dissolves into twitters in the wind, this shadowy, involuted world also harks back to the artist’s childhood in Soviet Russia.

The Truth in Winkie

The stoic hero of the novel Winkie is a teddy bear who not only hopes, suffers, and muses on the mystery and misery of life like all teddy bears do, but who walks, talks, eats, poops, and gives birth “although x-rays showed only his metal parts.” The author, Clifford Chase, inherits the teddy bear from Ruth, his mother, who as a child calls Winkie (then a girl bear) Marie.


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SEPT 2023

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