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Valerie Jaffee and Ara Vartanian

Jaffee and Vartanian wrote Mr. Rogers' obituary in the May 2003 issue of the Rail.

The Hood: In Memory of Fred Rogers 1928-2003

"The Child is in Me Still, or Not So Still" In 1951, Fred McFeely Rogers graduated from Rollins College, in Winter Park, Florida, with a degree in music composition. Rollins was known for its performing arts programs, and it also names Anthony Perkins among its famous alumni. This is a fun coincidence, but your authors want to say up front that they have no interest at all in finding humor in the image of Mister Rogers as a psychopath with libido trouble. It’s obvious enough to us that people find him creepy, but that fact certainly says more about us than it does about Rogers himself.


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