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Tomás Harris

THOMÁS HARRIS (La Serena, 1956) is considered one of Chile's most important young poets. He is the author of more than five poetry collections and a book of short stories. He lives and works in Santiago, Chile. These poems appear in the award-winning collection Cipango.

DANIEL SHAPIRO, a poet and translator, is Director of Literature at the Americas Society, and Managing Editor of Review: Latin American Literature and Arts.

Sea of Red Death and Poiesis of the Better Life

The first neon lights streaking the dawn green luminous golden ultramarine cross-dressed the ship like a drag queen with too much jewelry and fake gold, the last thing we saw was the stern swaying as it sank from that weight through a red tunnel grotto vulva mine or cave and our senses, all of them, made us guttural, vanquished us, made us drool. What they saw was more or less this, that few survived to tell the tale and fewer stayed sane: we were.....


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