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Timothy Francis Barry

TIMOTHY FRANCIS BARRY has written for the Boston Globe, New Musical Express, Aesthetica Magazine, artcritical and His first column was under the editorship of Byron Coley at Take-It Magazine. Summers he operates Tim's Used Books in Provincetown, Mass., which book critic David L. Ulin, called his "favorite bookstore in America."  (Los Angeles Times, 8/29/13) He lives in New York.


In Ramsey, New Jersey at the tender age of five, little Ryan McGinley had no idea that his future aesthetic was being shaped by a ghost-faced man from Pittsburgh wearing a wig.

Doris Salcedo The Materiality of Mourning

A rose is a rose is a rose. Or, as Martin Heidegger put it, “what is pre-given to the poet … can be re-given in the poem.”


….the manicured lawns of Kassel, oddly unpeopled, trashless streets, taxis that arrive to pick you up at your hotel for your early train at 2:30 a.m.—not 2:31, 2, or 3—Prussian efficiency, Teutonic rigor, the burghers icily friendly, helpful….

E. Patrick Johnson and Ramon H. Rivera-Servera, Eds., Blacktino Queer Performance

Blacktino: As a nom de plume—strike that: as a nom de guerre, a label, a brand—it bespeaks power.

The Hungry Years, by Jack Pierson
Peter Hujar: Speed of Life, by Peter Hujar

Jack Pierson was born with a plastic spoon in his mouth. In his hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts, exposure to high modern culture was maybe a yellow school bus trip to the Boston museums; back at home, dirty-sneaker kids gaped moon-eyed at tour buses, laden with people from Paramus cruising for Pilgrims.


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