We stand in solidarity with the uprising unfolding across the country following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, Jamel Floyd, and those affected by generations of structural violence against Black communities.

We're putting together a list of resources for self-education, mutual aid, and ongoing action in the struggle for racial justice.

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Thomas D'Adamo

Thomas D'Adamo is a writer living in Manhattan. His story "Big, Big Love" appeared in the Dec.06/Jan.07 issue of The Brooklyn Rail and his three stories,"Inside-Out," "Cadences," and "Barbara," appeared in the July/August 2005 issue of The Brooklyn Rail.


“I tell them: You must pursue your dream with the fury of a hungry predator, never losing sight of the fact that the prey you are really after is yourself.” — from Bob Friendly’s Rules of the Road)

Three Stories

She arrives at my apartment more than forty-five minutes late, flushed and out of breath. She offers no explanation, nor do I ask for one—I never do—and I wonder if that bothers her. I make a move to kiss her and she offers me her cheek.

From 02:51

All of a sudden there they are on the downtown F Train. Five, six years old is my guess. Could’ve been mine. Should’ve been. It wasn’t like I’d insisted that you carry for nine months.


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