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Thomas D'Adamo

Thomas D'Adamo is a writer living in Manhattan. His story "Big, Big Love" appeared in the Dec.06/Jan.07 issue of The Brooklyn Rail and his three stories,"Inside-Out," "Cadences," and "Barbara," appeared in the July/August 2005 issue of The Brooklyn Rail.


“I tell them: You must pursue your dream with the fury of a hungry predator, never losing sight of the fact that the prey you are really after is yourself.” — from Bob Friendly’s Rules of the Road)

Three Stories

She arrives at my apartment more than forty-five minutes late, flushed and out of breath. She offers no explanation, nor do I ask for one—I never do—and I wonder if that bothers her. I make a move to kiss her and she offers me her cheek.

From 02:51

All of a sudden there they are on the downtown F Train. Five, six years old is my guess. Could’ve been mine. Should’ve been. It wasn’t like I’d insisted that you carry for nine months.


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