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Tarek Halaby

TAREK HALABY is a Palestinian-American dance artist based in Brussels, Belgium. He holds a BFA in dance performance from the University of Iowa as well as a diploma for completing the two-year research cycle at the P.A.R.T.S. conservatory for dance in Brussels. Tarek creates his own work and performs in the works of others, most recently Miguel Gutierrez (NYC), Salva Sanchis (Brussels), and Zimmermann & de Perrot (Zurich).

An Excerpt From An Attempt to Understand My Socio-Political Disposition Through Artistic Research on Personal Identity in Relationship to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, Part One

I like you New Yorkers. You know why? Because you’re all really intense. I love that about you! I’ve never been in a city where people do so much in one day. It’s like you’re all in a race!


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JUNE 2023

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