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Tanya Jayani Fernando

Tanya Jayani Fernando is an independent scholar and playwright.

And They Dimmed the Sun

Look darling, I’m already having enough difficulty figuring out life with COVID, life with no sun I’ll deal with next year.

The New Millennium Minstrel Show

Danspace Project, a leading space for experimental contemporary dance, just finished a two-month program that examined the meaning of black dance. Curator and choreographer Ishmael Houston-Jones asked, “[D]oes ‘Black Dance’ even exist? And assuming it does, what defines it?”

The Fascist Turn and Dance

Tanya Jayani Fernando dives deep into the relationship of the arts to the rise of fascism in response to Mark Franko’s groundbreaking book, The Fascist Turn in the Dance of Serge Lifar.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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