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Talia Bloch

TALIA BLOCH is a journalist and poet based in Brooklyn. Joshua Lutz's Hesitating Beauty will be on view at ClampArt from April 11 - May 18.

PETER SACKS New Paintings

From afar it looks like an Abstract Expressionist painting: a large triptych with a textured off-white surface imprinted, in part, with a floral motif and dotted with over a dozen irregular shapes—trapezoids, triangles, would-be pentagons—rising elegantly from the surface.

Hesitating Beauty

Joshua Lutz wants us to feel more than he wants us to know. A photographer and artist who grew up with a mentally ill mother, Lutz has come out with a new book focused on his mother’s life that is as emotionally compelling as it is parsimonious with the biographical details it divulges.


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SEPT 2023

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