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t thilleman

t thilleman helped edit Poetry New York, a journal of poetry & translation and created their pamphlet series throughout the nineties . thilleman also participated in the Live Art Workshop that originated out of the Kraine Theater/KGB Bar on East 4th Street. His novel, Gowanus Canal, Hans Knudsen, fictionalizes the time of the founding of KGB Bar. From his time in the Live Art Workshop he wove together many tiny notebook entries for what he would later term strophaic transcriptions (strophaics, for short, combining the word mosaic with strophe), whose main poetic reality was generated from the “overheard” and the “overseen.” His poetry and prose still circles back into and out of the strophaic as, perhaps, its own “city-on-a-page.” Certainly the wordless stage, at any rate, remains for him a place ever as yet to be entered. Free Compositions is his new book and Three Markations To Ward Her Figure is out from Mad Hat Press.

In Conversation

t thilleman with Andrew Mossin

The human voice is a remarkable instrument, you know. It registers what’s on the page but moves language out into this other realm where poesis exacts its real rewards. We get together to hear and see who we are and that’s the impressive and ongoing magic of poetry that’s moved off the page and into the ritualized space of the public reading.


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