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Suzanne McConnell

Author, editor and writing teacher Suzanne McConnell was a student of Kurt Vonnegut’s at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop during its heyday, the period from 1965–67, when Vonnegut—along with Nelson Algren and other notable authors—was in residence, and was finishing his masterpiece, Slaughterhouse Five. Vonnegut and McConnell became friends, and stayed so for many years. She has published short memoirs of him in The Brooklyn Rail and The Writer’s Digest, and led a panel at the 2014 AWP conference on Vonnegut’s legacy, titled “Vonnegut’s Legacy: Writing about War and Other Debacles of the Human Condition.” McConnell has taught writing at Hunter College for thirty years, and serves as the Fiction Editor of the Bellevue Literary Review.

The Dreaming Girl

Roberta Allen’s lyrical novel, The Dreaming Girl, follows one of the richest and most common of plots: Two people meet, fall in love, and either remain together or part.

Kurt Vonnegut at the Writers’ Workshop

I was a student of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop and we remained in touch from those years until his death. Vonnegut was not famous, when he taught there.


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