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Stormy Budwig

STORMY BUDWIG is a choreographer, writer, and runner. She creates ensemble dance works, writes essays and stories about movers, and runs in the rain.

In Rehearsal with DD Dorvillier

DD Dorvillier, who has been making dances in New York City since 1989, has created two projects in one as part of Danspace Project’s PLATFORM 2014: Diary of an Image. The first is a new solo by the same name.

In Conversation

This Interview

A few weeks ago, I sat in on two of Neil Greenberg’s rehearsals for This, his new dance premiering at New York Live Arts in early December. The first rehearsal was in Live Arts’s Jerome Robbins studio, the second was at the Actors Fund Arts Center.

Notes on PLASTIC

A man dressed in gray slinks down a staircase while a grade-school kid on a field trip reverently tiptoes by. Two guards engage in a frank conversation about their work lives as they watch from the floor above.

Site-Specific Dance

California sculpture artist Robert Irwin popularized the term site-specific in the 1970s. He devised an entire spectrum onto which works of “conditional” art could fall. Site-specific was only one of four kinds of art on the spectrum.


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