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Stephen Ratcliffe

Stephen Ratcliffe?¢â??Ã?¨â??Ã?¢s latest books of poetry are Portraits & Repetition (The Post-Apollo Press, 2002) and SOUND/(system) (Green Integer, 2002). Recent poems have appeared in 1913, Chain, Denver Quarterly, P-QUEUE, New American Writing, LIT, Bombay Gin, Common Knowledge, War & Peace, Conjunctions and NO. Listening to Reading, a book of essays on sound/shape and meaning in ?¢â??Ã?¨?ìexperimental?¢â??Ã?¨? poetry, was published by SUNY Press in 2000. He has recently completed a 1,000 page book of poems called HUMAN / NATURE (1,000 poems written in 1,000 consecutive days). He lives in Bolinas, California where he surfs every day and publishes Avenue B books, and teaches at Mills College in Oakland.

poems from HUMAN/ NATURE

first light coming into the sky…


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SEPT 2023

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