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Stano Masár

STANO MASAR is a playful post-conceptual artist developing a strategy of manipulation, transformation, interpretation, context sensitive, site-specific installations and institutional critique. He advocates the legacy of dada, neodada, Fluxus, minimalism, conceptual art, developing heritage of Kazimir Malevich, Yves Klein, but especially Marcel Duchamp. After critical analysis of art history, destruction and transformation of objects, he is critically turning towards the institutions themselves (“insitutional critique”) and the art world. He exhibits the empty TATE corner, MoMA wall, but also the waiting room for artists’ ideas


Juraj Čarný with Stano Masár

I define and re-define the criteria over the course of my curatorial preparations for an exhibition. The beginning of my curatorial work was linked to an absence of gallery institutions, in Bratislava particularly, and Slovakia in general.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUNE 2023

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